Supporters Charter

Elgin City Football Club Ltd (The Club) is proud of the relationship between the Club and its supporters. The Club recognises the contribution that the supporters make to the life of the Club and in particular the members of the Official Supporters Club. The Club is determined that every effort is made to ensure that the supporters are given the opportunity to make an input into the affairs of the Club and that the policies and practices of the Club are transparent and are communicated as effectively as possible. To this end the Club will communicate with supporters on a regular basis via the official web site, the match day programme and periodic forums.

The Club also recognises the position that it holds within the local community and the responsibilities that such a position demands. The Club will promote community based schemes and will make available facilities to enhance the image and reputation of the community in which it serves.

The Club is determined that all directors, employees and voluntary assistants are committed to providing a caring and professional service to our supporters and customers.

The Club will make every effort to confront and eliminate all types of discrimination whether it is by age, race, martial status, creed, religion, colour, disability, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.

This Charter defines the Club’s policy on the following:-


Elgin City FC is determined to maximise the opportunity to access the home matches by pricing entrance to the stadium with an understanding of demand and affordability. Season tickets will be at a discounted price and supporters will have the opportunity to purchase them by credit card or by instalment.

Concessions will be available to supporters over 60 years of age, under 16 years of age and to students.

Disabled supporters and their personal assistants are admitted free of charge.

In the event of a league match being postponed after the admission of spectators then season tickets will be valid for the re-arranged fixture. Paying customers will be issued with a voucher upon egress and this will entitle admission to the re-arranged fixture or for a cash refund as and when determined by the Board of Directors.

No cash refund will be given on the day.

Postponed Cup matches will be subject to the rules of the competition.


It is the primary objective of the Club to provide a safe environment for spectators to enjoy the game on a match day. All staff and volunteers engaged on a match day are charged with supporting this objective.

Spectators are required to refrain from using foul and abusive language, taunts of a racist, sectarian or obscene nature and to bring to the attention of the stewards anyone engaging in such activity.


Visiting supporters are entitled to the same admission charges as home supporters on a match day. This will include senior citizens and junior supporters as well as disabled supporters and their carers.

The Club conforms to the rules of the SFL governing ticket allocation to visiting clubs.


The Club recognises the role it has to play in the local community and will continue to promote football based activities, educational activities and will support local good causes.

The Club will support SFA initiatives to ensure that young children benefit from the positive influences that football can bring to these matters.

The Club will support School visits and will work with agencies representing disadvantaged groups.

The Club will, when possible, make the facilities of Borough Briggs available to the wider football community.


All directors, staff and volunteers are required to conduct themselves in a courteous and responsive manner when dealing with customers

Equal opportunity for all is the policy of the Club. There is no exception to this rule.

The Club has a commitment to eliminate all discriminatory behaviour.

The Club adheres to statutory policies on drugs and alcohol and the use of computers.


The Club will strive to provide the best value for money for customers and to treat them with the highest standards of respect and courtesy.

Complaints made in writing will be responded to with the minimum of delay.

All constructive criticisms will be discussed and progressed at Board level.


Revised: March 2014

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