Take Part in Our Sports Games

We have comprised an event of 5 sports games for keen athletes/hobbyists.


This part of the game gives you a trio of trips down the snowy sward. Different degrees of difficulty and slight variations in objective sort out one slope from another. Essentially, though, they’re all downhill obstacle courses with poles and gates to be threaded with skill, speed and style. See: Top Skiing Tips.

You’re going against the clock to get into the Highscore - so keep your turns as tight as those ski-pants!


This is all about cross country cruisin’ on slippery snow with the added delight of shooting targets. Basically you have to cover the kilometres against the clock - but to be a winner, speed and accuracy of shot is necessary. Find out more.

And you can’t fire your rifle unless it’s loaded - but a quick flick of the fingers will immediately re-arm you. The other variation to this game is that stamina, rather than adrenaline and bravery, is the key resource.


This competitive sport allows individuals who collect airsoft gear to test their skills against live opponents. The physical benefits of airsoft are great as the game exercises your entire body as it consists of low walking, crawling and sprinting. What age can people participate?

Hand-eye-coordination is key in airsoft. You will be aiming for your opponents whilst maintaining cover and at a long distance. Snipers are great for this type of game. Expect to build up your endurance with this game as some sessions can last up to 12 hours.


It’s against the clock, and you’ve got to skate against an opponent.  The views give you front and back elevations - but as the track is virtually circular with no obstacles or slopes then you could play this with one hand behind your back! More information.

You can choose between five races distances ranging from 500 to 10,000 metres - each thigh sapping click are ticked off on the screen alongside the clock.